Boogie Energy Pill
A revolutionary fuel conditioner!

The Boogie Energy Pill is an amazingly simple way to reduce emissions, save on maintenance and fuel costs, improve engine performance and extend engine life.

Suitable for petrol, diesel and ethanol engines.

The fuel pill is priced in a way that is affordable for everyone and you don’t have to alter or attach anything to your vehicle.

 Boogie Energy Pill has a positive impact on fuel consumption, as stated by independent test laboratory NTL, and save on maintenance costs, but only 2-3% fuel saving covers the cost of the pill, making using the pill a risk-free investment.

Every time you fill up, just “pop a pill in”. It’s as easy as that and very user-friendly.

Fuel we use everyday has molecules of light, medium and heavy elements and the fuel pill is helpful in burning more of the heavy molecules thereby increasing fuel economy and power. Diesel engines that have smoky exhausts indicate that the combustion process has not been completed. The fuel pill will help to reduce this situation by providing a more efficient combustion.